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Live stream

Who is TechnoV?
TechnoV started off from a Facebook page by streaming online DJ sets with techno music from their own studio and on location in clubs. Since October 2017 they are part of Tibbaa ON AIR, a live streaming service from Tibbaa with different kinds of music.

Why TechnoV?
TechnoV is very successful in live streaming techno music all over the world. Their incredible statistics from January 2017 until January 2018:
• 379.409.690 unique visitors
• 94.911.718 video views
• 54.211.145 minutes

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Tibbaa ON AIR
Are you an artist? Organizer of events? Or manager at a location? And want do branding? Then get your broadcasting time now through our videos/live streaming on our high volume social network.

TechnoV is part of Tibbaa ON AIR: live streaming service from Tibbaa to create more visitors and higher revenue with exclusive live streams of DJ’s and live acts of your favourite artists.

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